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Why no one is googling crypto anymore.

Here’s an interesting start to a piece on “sludge feed”: Public interest in cryptocurrencies continues to hit new lows, as revealed by Google search trends for the two top-ranked digital currencies: “Bitcoin” and “Ethereum.” Google Trends utilises numbers to represent search interests that are relative to the highest point on the chart (100) for the given… Read More Why no one is googling crypto anymore.


Coinbase Pro launches crypto trading support in GBP

News via Cryptoslate With public adoption on the rise, cryptocurrency trading is expanding across the globe. On Sept. 7, Coinbase Pro will launch cryptocurrency trading support for its U.K.-based customers. Crypto Trading Pairs for GBP Introduced Coinbase Pro will introduce Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) trading support using British… Read More Coinbase Pro launches crypto trading support in GBP


US update on crypto crackdown

Since the ICO fervor of 2017, regulators worldwide have increased scrutiny on emerging cryptocurrency projects and investment schemes. On Aug. 28, U.S. regulators released an update on their coordinated cryptocurrency crackdown. NASAA Updates ‘Operation Cryptosweep’ The North American Securities Administration Association (NASAA) updated its progress on initial coin offering– (ICO) and cryptocurrency-related investment product investigations,… Read More US update on crypto crackdown


News …. eToro & blockchain.

eToro have signed a deal with 7 Premier League clubs. What? Exactly; but these days football is all about investment opportunities and stopping any leakage of money given the crazy amounts they spread on players these days. This exciting partnership will help bring awareness to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies via football fans. The deal includes… Read More News …. eToro & blockchain.


Blockchain… WTF?

One of the most asked questions of me is what is the use of blockchain.. I mean really what good is it? To be fair any answer I give is a bit like pandora and her box because it inevitably leads to more questions at the end of which the inquisitor is none the wiser… Read More Blockchain… WTF?


Ether & Bitcoin.. drop

Thanks to the Cryptoslate website… Following news of a delayed Bitcoin ETF decision, the overall cryptocurrency market began to fall from its recent recovery. Bitcoin and Ethereum prices are plummeting as selloffs increase this week. At press time, 97 of 100 top cryptocurrencies are in the red. Bitcoin | BTC UPDATED: AUGUST 13, 2018 AT… Read More Ether & Bitcoin.. drop


Maduro knocking 5 “zeros” off his banknotes?

Some Venezuelans worried on Thursday about how to pay for public transport and gasoline after leftist President Nicolas Maduro announced plans to slash five zeroes off the country’s bolivar currency, rather than the three originally planned. The more aggressive so-called currency redomination comes in response to Venezuela’s hyperinflation, which the International Monetary Fund has said will… Read More Maduro knocking 5 “zeros” off his banknotes?