We started this website to cut through some of the masses of stuff online that bombards you constantly in oder to get you to invest, prop up or simply phish for money in and around crypto currency. Our reason for starting the site was that is clearly a market here and Gibraltar being one if not the first to legislate in the world on DLT then perhaps we should at least provide a small platform.

Yes there are companies we prefer to deal with but that is only for you to decide not us and we are here mainly to answer queries based on what we know and what we have learnt. We don’t profess to be genius’ norths font of all but we have an interest in cryptocurrency, blockchain and it’s history future so here we are. Please follow us on twitter @gibfintech do drop us an email if you have any questions and even better if you want to contribute to our posts then send them in we’d love to hear from you.

We also have a live twitter feed from coinbase to keep your head in the game if you are so inclined to dabble. Whatever you do this is an exciting time to get into blockchain and the associated arms of fintech! All we can do is give you our simple understanding and the latest on the tech and if you are interested connect you with someone who could help you take your interest further.

Please follow us on Twitter @gibfintech share retweet and contact us anytime at GibraltarFintech