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Resolutions for 2019

Now before you go all meanie on me I have taken an extended rest from blogging here mainly due to the enormous amount of tripe posted these days. It’s hard to cut through the chaff. Some of the sites I follow are constantly doing updates and I think better to slow down, there again the fact it was Christmas and NY also had something to do with it. So in keeping with my theory here are my 5 resolutions for 2019….

  1. Bitcoin is 10 years old this year, anyone who said it wouldn’t last more than a few months clearly got it wrong. First resolution is I’m making no predictions ever again as a nod the the seemed longevity of the first cryptocurrency.
  2. Smoking. I don’t smoke stopped years ago but I’m stopping again in 2019, everyone else seems to do it every year so a list wouldn’t be complete without it. It goes without saying I won’t be starting in to be able to stop. I’ll be a virtue smoker, similar to a virtue signaller with less bullshit.
  3. Since last month BTC, ETH and LTC have all increased from 19 – 72% Resolution number 3 will be to not dither and buy next time any of them hit the floor (in a manner of speaking). I meant to, I decided to but in all the xmas palaver I forgot to. Arghhhh!
  4. Fourth on my list is to slim down therefore from here on in I’m only buying “Lite”coin and Ethereum”lite” from the LiteBit broker site.
  5. Finally after my blog a few months back about the names of some cryptocurrency I and going to twitter shame any real stupid one’s I find. Top three currently are “dentacoin” yep so you can get dental work done a pay via the coin. Titcoin, no not boob jobs but for the adult porn industry. It seems cash is still king thought as it’s marked cap is under $230,000 and the last one “Useless Ethereum Token”. This has… “No value, no security and no product. Just me, spending your money,” so the website reads.

Happy New Year