News …. eToro & blockchain.

eToro have signed a deal with 7 Premier League clubs. What? Exactly; but these days football is all about investment opportunities and stopping any leakage of money given the crazy amounts they spread on players these days.

This exciting partnership will help bring awareness to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies via football fans. The deal includes access to interview backdrops, rights to players, tickets, stadium LEDs and other stadium advertising.

In addition to the advertising deal, the teams have also agreed to create wallets for future Bitcoin payments.

Iqbal V. Gandham, managing director at eToro, said:

“Blockchain can improve the experience for everyone who loves the ‘beautiful game.’

While the partnership payments were sent in Bitcoin, the new partners plan to use the underlying blockchain technology to assist in authentic merchandise detection and ticket scalping in the future.

The 7 teams involved are:

  • Southampton
  • Tottenham Hotspur
  • Crystal Palace
  • Newcastle United
  • Cardiff City
  • Leicester City
  • Brighton & Hove Albion

This deal beyond the simple advertising is demonstrating another innovative way DLT can be utilised and if successful will definitely spread through many other similar applications. It’s not new but it is certainly grabbing headlines, expect to see it on SkySports News soon.

DLT/Blockchain conferences always hark on how the idea is more than just token/coin issues but about its utilisation as companies get used to the idea behind it and become more imaginitive in its use. If not it will continue to purely be just the way cryptocurrency is “done”. New businesses rather than ‘older’ firms are more likely to adopt the tech and until they can find a way to expand into older minds this will be a slow process. It has to be encumbent upon the entrepreneurials to push the barriers, knock down the walls and enter the stuffier halls of big business. They once they blew the dust off those old ledgers and dared to use excel. Now we must convince them excel has gone past it’s sell by date as a stand alone application, we can then demonstrate DLT/Blockchain has financial benefits as well as secure controls and comprehensive applications in any field that requires some element of a “trail.” Should the stuffier companies want to survive amongst this emerging tech then they have to see more rewards and new companies eating into their current markets only then will the world of old business truly start to become digital. Football is as good a place to start in terms of stuffy old boardrooms.