What’s in a name?

If like me you are “tapped in” to the crypto currency market… for “tapped in” read subject to an onslaught of emails from every token offering on the planet, you may be forgiven for sometimes just deleting before reading. I know I do. Everyday my inbox swells with the fantastic offers pouring in and GDPR makes not a jot of difference to the majority of countries outside the EU. Coinlib has a list of ALL of them, currently this amounts to over 4,500 coins!

Anyway one thing I have noticed is the fantastic amount of names these “entrepreneurs” come up with to attract the eye. I remember when just using a megastar was enough to lure us in. I mean what John Wayne fan could resist a “Duke” there is a “Trigger” presumably a fan of Roy Rogers? The possibilities are boundless if you want to really cash in especially on those gone but not forgotten. A “Monroe” sexy and chic, Clint Eastwood maybe but as his famous cowboy had no name maybe pick another hit movie a “Clyde” perhaps after his orang-utan or a “357” which would be better than a “Magnum” as the ice cream company might melt a little.

But now; given all the tech spec and geek speak out there what’s better than tying in a name and maybe a game tag or manga link. “Tron” now there is a coin with it all, game, movie and currency (literally, trading at just under 3.5 cents it isn’t a biggie but it’s out there). Another movie link with digital connotations is the big Chinese token “NEO”… it’s the one I’m sure? There is also a “Matrix AI Network” for the real enthusiast. But wait there is more, the names are limited only by creativity and some to be honest should have gone back to the drawing board. Other movie hits like the “FirstBlood” coin, how about “Nexus” for the trekkies and “Vulcano” which might give us a loose trekkie link. Superman and tech geek join with “Cryptonite” see what they did? Space also has it’s fans. “Interstellar”, “Spacecoin” “Cometcoin” and “Universe”. There is “Pink coin” for the community that wants more choice than male or female, “Women coin” for the feminists, “Shorty coin” for the… not so tall and for the none meat eaters you can get your “Garlicoin” and “Sprouts”.

You can if you are a fan of the French President get yourself a “Macron” which went live first around a month ago, I’m not sure a “TheresaMayCoin” is going to go far selling right now at $0.00141438.  although a “Merkel” is currently at $0.000006. Which given the weekends travails gives May the upper edge over Merkel in the EU battle ahead.

Burger King Russia got in on it with a “Whopper” coin to buy your burgers, on that there is a “Putin” also “Unobtanium” is a rare find as is “Pot coin” along with other cannabis themed coins speaking of themes the internet is the place for cats. Try a tweet with one in and see what you get. “Kitty”, “Catcoin” and a couple of meme others like “Monacoin” the first Japanese crypto currency and “Nyancoin”.

I could go on through the full list but maybe that’s another blog, this one I think is a good way to help you choose your own if you are looking to create a token. Just remember if you think you are onto a winner of a name I’ll bet someone has already been there and started it by now … almost.

Finally if you are a keeper rather than a trader you can always invest in the”HOdlcoin”.