I was thinking as one does about crypto, the meaning in etymological terms that is, as opposed to today’s usage. Crypto is in fact rooted in greek. It means, “secret”, “hidden” even concealed. This of course is fairly straight forward in terms of cryptocurrency you could argue it is “hidden” within the coding that binds it together, blockchain. It’s also concealed from the prying fingers of those that would rip our currency from our “wallets” and leave us bereft in cryptocurrency terms; which is a bad thing if you got in early but good if you didn’t because it will stop you worrying whether it is ever going to get into those dizzy heights again from which you can retire… having converted your hard fought crypto back into fiat. Traitor!
Encrypt too is a hidden place in the days of concealing particularly wealthy Kings or Queens, you would encrypt them particularly in Egypt where tomb robbers took it to a whole other level. We take encrypt to be the coding itself that is only really secret or hidden to anyone who can’t be arsed to learn it, or create it. Again the “number” stamped on a block is this hidden code which so far it is hoped no one can ever break .. yes I know “quantum computing” ok ok but at the moment we don’t have the processing power and even when we do …. er… quantum computing should further increase the encryption thereby nullifying the decryption?
Crypts are also creepy which is an outward sign that the smug ICO launch face talking to you may not be everything they seem to be. There again.. it may be the next big thing.. or am I just being cryptic?


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