Whilst suffering and humiliation are the last thing on my mind I don’t think I’m the only person in the world that is glad to see the aloof billionaire, unless he fears something, on the ropes re facebook. Yes the company share price has scraped billions off the company and yes he is still worth a few hundred million personally but the way he offloaded quite a bit allegedly before the news broke is nothing short of greed. The news today has him apparently worried further as people having started the #deletefacebook campaign are gaining traction. Quite a coup that a twitter hashtag may well bring facebook to its knees although highly unlikely to complete destruction. I for one replaced facebook for twitter many years ago due to facebook’s ever increasing intrusive algorithms even twitter sometimes gets my goat but I guess I’m older and still care about what is out there. I still use it but sparingly because it’s just too open and the unlimited characters do have the odd effect of making you keep typing.

Here’s hoping he learns some humility but I think he’ll just stay out of the light for a while, as for coming to UK parliament? Highly unlikely he’ll face that when he cannot be summoned.

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