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Online gambling represents one of the first industries to experiment with use of blockchain technology, as Bitcoin casinos represented one of the most widespread use cases of cryptocurrency in early years. However, despite the evolution of cryptocurrencies in recent years, the impact on gaming has been relatively minute. Fortunately, there is an upcoming project that seeks to revolutionize blockchain-based gambling.

For many crypto-gambling enthusiasts, SP8DE, a decentralized platform for smart contract gaming, provides a next generation approach to an otherwise entirely unimpressive industry. SP8DE represents an blockchain geared to empower developers with intuitive tools to create an endless amount of gambling content. For users, SP8DE is a provably-fair gambling library interface, allowing the user to connect with other players and games in a universal hub. For everyone, SP8DE is cheap, efficient, massively scalable, and provides spontaneous, arbitrary, immutable randomness to ensure a fair playing field for everyone involved.


SP8DE largely incorporates the Cardano blockchain, which will be propagated through an industry-leading Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm called Ouroboros. Ouroboros maintains the scalable and efficient nature of existing Proof-of-Stake solutions, while also addressing concerns pertaining to the security and vulnerability of other PoS methods. Participants of the SP8DE network will communicate with the Cardano blockchain, where each block supplies the random variables required to perform each smart contract-based game. From there, participants provide the entropy, or spontaneity, for each game. Each game runs parallel of one another as well as the Cardano blockchain, allowing for a massively scalable and unwaveringly near-free implementation of the gambling protocol. Overall SP8DE provides cutting edge engine for delivering mathematically pure distributed entropy to power fairness across the entire gaming industry.

SP8DE represents the framework for developers to create whatever games they desire. SP8DE uses Cardano’s smart contract scripting language, hailed as the most intuitive and interactive language for non-blockchain literate developers, to allow any and all online gambling developers the capability of creating contract on the platform.

The SP8DE token (SPX) is the native currency and fuel to the SP8DE network. SPX holders have access to the entire network, which includes a global library of all the smart contract games currently available. SPX holders also have publishing privileges, able to create games and post them directly to the platform. SPX is used for all wagers, and developers also receive royalties for usage of their smart contracts.


One of the features of the SP8DE ICO is it’s unique design. Apart from providing the right to use the protocol, SPX tokens also act as tickets to participate in the Jackpots – the most generous airdrops ever witnessed by the cryptospace.

The SPX token sale is currently underway. The sale is divided into five sections: a Pre-Sale and four main sale stages. At this time, the first of the main sale stages is live. A maximum of roughly SPX3.66 billion can be sold, for a maximum of 31,000 Ethereum. Unsold tokens at each stage will primarily be siphoned into ICO jackpots, with the rest returning to the founders.

As noted what makes the SPX token sale unique is the Jackpot function. Each token sold throughout the sale holds an added utility as a ticket to the SPX jackpots. 3.46 billion tokens are set aside for the jackpot, along with a majority of unsold tokens. The jackpot is split into four different stages, and will be given out in lots after each stage of the main sale to lucky investors. This jackpot is sentimental of the exciting nature of the SP8DE platform, and represents the most generous airdrop every experienced in the cryptospace.

The airdrop and sale tokens represent 80% of the total supply, which is 8,888,888,888 SPX. The other 20% will be held by the founders. The breakdown of the funding is as follows: 45% Development, 20% Operations, 15% Marketing, 10% Legal, 10% Advisors. The roadmap consists of launching the platform and introducing a number of games following a hackathon scheduled for November 2018. In 2019, games and casinos will launch, followed by the full development and release of a decentralized poker application by the end of 2019.

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