Up and coming Seminars in Gibraltar

First off if you are in Gibraltar (or not) there is a huge crypto/fintech seminar on the 8th February which will be a must for anyone especially the business community on the Rock. Website is if you are interested but it’s happening soon and no doubt it will be well subscribed Later in the month on the 28th there is a second seminar that will be held on the Sunborn with a more local feel many of the local business sponsoring the event. The site is the place to go for a look see. Gibraltar Fintech will be at both seminars so if you are not too fussed about being there in person or maybe can’t quite stretch to the cost then fear not we will have a round up and with luck podcasts of the events with some interviews to boot.

The rush to legislate has really caught fire here in Gibraltar with these and no doubt several more seminars, conference or just simple fintech get togethers for interested parties and businesses. It is an exciting time to be involved if this is your bag and if you are an investor it is the place to spread your art earned with the possibility of a reward or two. Maybe not of the realm we saw at the end of December with Bitcoin climbing up to $17,000 but  like any currency it will hop around especially given the number of ICO’s happening almost daily.

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