Blockstack raises $23M

It never goes quiet in the world of cryptocurrency and computing in general. Remember a while back maybe 18 months the U.S. were trying to figure out a way of regulating cryptocurrency and the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) were trying to figure it all out? Well ladies and gentlemen I give you  Blockstack PBC, a… Read More Blockstack raises $23M


Samsung is Building a Blockchain Mainnet based on Ethereum

Article courtesy of medium.com Ethereum just got a vote of confidence in mid 2019. South Korean electronics giant Samsung is developing its own blockchain network which will likely result in its own token in 2020. Samsung is joining the fledgling token economy it would seem. Samsung according to sources, is thinking of a private blockchain,… Read More Samsung is Building a Blockchain Mainnet based on Ethereum


Fancy Puerto Rico?

Via the Medium.com site By Nellie Bowles  They call what they are building Puertopia. But then someone told them, apparently in all seriousness, that it translates to “Eternal Boy Playground” in Latin. So they are changing the name: They will call it Sol. Dozens of entrepreneurs, made newly wealthy by blockchain and cryptocurrencies, are heading… Read More Fancy Puerto Rico?


Top 10 Altcoins for 2019?

Credit and thanks to Mina Down via Medium for this excellent read. (https://twitter.com/minad21) As of this summer, there are over 2000 cryptocurrencies available. However, many of the new altcoins are weak in terms of creativity and vision. I’ve been tracking ICOs for the past two years and have seen a lot of recycled technology and… Read More Top 10 Altcoins for 2019?

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Crypto ATMS.

Story via acquarius.gi Here is a fact you may not know off the top of your head. In the United Kingdom currently there are 271 bitcoin atm’s. Crazy isn’t it but they are there the image shows where they are and how many. It is no surprise London has most with 136 atm’s but the… Read More Crypto ATMS.

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Password not shared?

A crypto trader boss has dies with clients’ passwords. Gerald Cotten, 30, was the only person with passwords to access customers’ money – and his wife is now receiving threats after Gerald died from complications with Crohn’s disease after a trip to India. Gerald had travelled to India in December to open an orphanage. He… Read More Password not shared?

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Liquidation of Media Protocol

Last week Media Protocol – a blockchain platform which issued its own tokens and developed multi-crypto wallets – was placed into liquidation. The development comes after Coinfloor, the first of the five firms which have so far received Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) licences from the GFSC, was “scaling back its activities” for now. The two developments are… Read More Liquidation of Media Protocol


Thinking of Investing?

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is alerting customers to exercise caution and conduct extensive research before purchasing digital coins or tokens, including those self-described as “utility coins” or “consumption coins.” Understand what rights are attached to the coin or token being sold, and what underlying factors could affect its value. Be especially wary of… Read More Thinking of Investing?